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Who Is ZEB Power?

ZEB Power is a multinational company famous for providing high-quality engine parts designed for heavy-duty Fawde, Perkins, Cummins, Yangdong, and Detroit Diesel engines.ZEB POWER is recognized internationally for outstanding high-quality products backed by committed service and support. 

What Do We Offer?

Cylinder Blocks, Pumps, Gaskets, Cylinder Heads, Pistons, Ring Sets, and much more are part of our broad range of ZEB Power replacement engine components. ZEB POWER also provides full ZEB Power Replacement Engine Overhaul Kits appropriate for Diesel engines from Caterpillar, Cummins, Komatsu, and Detroit.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a broad range of affordable, high-quality products that guarantee maximum performance and reliability. We are proud of our comprehensive knowledge. Find out today what makes ZEB Power Engine parts one of the world’s leading providers of engine parts online. 


ZEB Power maintains a broad range of diesel generator parts as part of our ongoing effort to provide comprehensive power solutions. As with the generators themselves, we are committed to supplying only high-quality and robust features for any form of industry or application that will be reliable.

High-Quality Engine Parts Online

Our set of items supports every aspect of power generation. You will be able to find any part you may like, from generator ends and Deep Sea control panels to battery chargers and voltage regulators. ZEB Power has an outstanding product to satisfy the need, whether you need replacement parts or back up supplies. 

To see for yourself how we can help you, feel free to search our online catalogue. When you have any concerns about our products or services, we also invite you to contact us. We have been consistently working to provide services for the last couple of years.

Cummins Generator

Diesel Generators

ZEB Power provides full stock of robust, high-quality diesel generators from the world’s leading engine brands. These generators are constructed with the highest quality components from manufacturers produced in the sector for more than half a century. Our 100,000-square-foot warehouse holds a continuous generator supply, ready for immediate shipping to anywhere else in the world, and ZEB Power carries a complete line of fully packed accessories to support any company in every diesel generator application. We offer engine parts online for all of your generator’s need.

Engine Parts Online

Cummins Generator and Parts

Cummins, headquarters in Columbus, Indiana, (USA), is a global leader in power. An organization of complementary business units developing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing Cummins diesel and natural gas engines and associated technology, including fuel systems, filtration systems, control systems, air handling systems, pollution solutions, and electricity generation systems. 

We have you informed whether you are looking for an original equipment item or a high-quality, unique replacement part for a Cummins. Cummins recommends any Cummins component found on this site and features the trusted brand name of Cummins. Here you can learn more about the particular advantages of any of our product lines. You will find that you will find the best match for your Cummins generator, no matter what you are searching for, from voltage regulators to filter kits and block heaters.

Without warning, a broken or worn belt may fail, causing significant engine damage as well as hefty repair costs. That’s why it’s so essential to keep tabs on your work plan for the Cummins generator and upgrade your old belt with a new Genuine Cummins belt. For the original portion, this belt is an exact replacement so that you can be sure it will fit correctly, work consistently, and last before the next replacement interval. 

We give a wide range of backup generators operated by Cummins at ZEB Power and all Cummins equipment and components required for proper operation. To learn more and verify the availability of our inventory of Cummins, contact us.

Engine Parts Online

Perkins Generator and Parts

Perkins has been an internationally famous diesel engine manufacturer known for its efficiency and engineering excellence for over 80 years. ZEB Power has a long history of producing generator sets powered by Perkins engines. Also, it offers its customers a wide range of components and accessories required to make them operate smoothly. 

There are at least 1,000 components in a typical Perkins engine, with over 400 specific part numbers. A job we would gladly assist you with is figuring out which Perkins engine component will suit your generator. They will be able to access the Perkins Engine Parts database and find the exact replacement component and accessory your job needs by sending your engine serial number and model to one of our expert team members. We will get the Perkins engine component you need in no time with a worldwide award-winning distribution network and huge inventory.

If you are searching for Perkins engine parts, we are all here to make the job easier by contacting a member of our team through our contact options. We’re here to assist!

FAWDE Engines

The engines of FAWDE are pioneers in the diesel industry. FAWDE is a name associated with innovation in China’s diesel market and holds many records. 

The first four-valve diesel engine makers included the first spherical graphite cast iron crankshaft, the first electronic-controlled standard rail diesel engine, the first air-cooled, and the first generation collection fuel, as well as China’s first two-stage turbocharged diesel engine. 

Founded in 1943, the FAWDE company currently has five different research and production operations that are pushing boundaries for the diesel engine industry in power-saving and e-intelligence technology, with key technologies including VCU, GPS, EGR, and engine braking. 

FAWDE is proud of its world-class manufacturing, which incorporates the latest dedicated machinery, leading management, and high-quality standards.

Engine Parts Online

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