Yangdong Powered

Yangdong Powered

Open Type & Silent Type, Light Tower & Containerized Type, ATS & Paralleling System, 50Hz & 60Hz, Single Phase & Three Phase.
ZEB Power diesel generating set is designed to work as the main power supply which runs continuously and standby power supply which provides emergency power protection for users when power failure or temporary power failure occurs.


  • Municipal and commercial fields such as hotels, hospitals, schools, banks, residential area, airport, databases, catering and entertainment establishments.
  • Agricultural irrigation, water conservancy, farm reclamation and other power equipment.
  • Construction and  Mining equipment in the oil field.
  • Leasing and power plants.
  • Factory and Telecommunications.
  • Industrial areas, remote areas such as islands, mountains, desert and highlands.

Main Features

  • Power range from 8KW to 2000KW, suitable for all kinds of civil and industrial power equipment.
  • All the main components are selected from the top international brands: Cummins/Perkins/Yangdong/Fawde +Stamford.
  • Deepsea/ComAp Brand intelligent parallel control system can realize parallel operation of multiple units to meet the power demand of larger load.
  • Canopy has double doors design so that it is convenient for repair or maintenance.
  • Large capacity daily oil tank with automatic refueling system to ensure continuous operation and provide uninterrupted power supply.
  • Equipped with resistive and resistance compounded muffler to make noise reduction to some extent.
  • The unique intake and exhaust muffler passages make the unit running low noise without affecting the surrounding environment.
  • Efficient shock absorption measures ensure balanced running of the unit and reduce the transmission of mechanical vibration and noise
  • The whole generator is highly waterproof and dustproof, and the control cabinet’s protection level is high.

Product Appearance

Product Details

3 Phase, 4 Wires, 1500 RPM, 220V/380V,230V/400V, 240V/415V,277V/480V
1ZP10YD10897.2YD380DZP164G8.8IN-NT MRS3
2ZP11YD118.8108YD385DZP164G8.8IN-NT MRS3
3ZP15YD151213.510.8YD480DZP164G10.8IN-NT MRS3
4ZP17.6YD17.6141612.8YND485DZP164G12.8IN-NT MRS3
5ZP20.6YD20.616.518.7515YND490DZP184G16IN-NT MRS3
6ZP22YD2217.62016YSD490DZP184G16IN-NT MRS3
7ZP25YD252022.518Y490DZP184G18IN-NT MRS3
8ZP27.5YD27.5222520Y495DZP184G20IN-NT MRS3
9ZP30YD302427.522Y4100DZP184G22IN-NT MRS3
10ZP33YD3326.43024Y4102DZP184G25IN-NT MRS3
11ZP35YD352832.526Y4102DZP184G28IN-NT MRS3
12ZP40YD403236.2529Y4105DZP184G30IN-NT MRS3
13ZP41.3YD41.253337.530Y4102ZDZP184G30IN-NT MRS3
14ZP46.5YD46.537.242.534Y4102ZLDZP224G34IN-NT MRS3
15ZP47.5YD47.53843.7535Y4102ZLDZP224G40IN-NT MRS3
16ZP55YD55445040Y4105ZLDZP224G40IN-NT MRS3
17ZP66YD6652.86048YD4EZLDZP224G50IN-NT MRS3
18ZP80YD80647560Y4110ZLDZP224G64IN-NT MRS3

60Hz, 3 Phase, 4
Wires, 1800 RPM, 120V/208V,127V/220V,139V/240V,220V/380V,254V/440V,277V/480V
1ZP11YD118.8108YD380DZP164G8.8IN-NT MRS3
2ZP12.5YD12.51011.259YD380DZP164G8.8IN-NT MRS3
3ZP13.8YD13.751112.510YD385DZP164G8.8IN-NT MRS3
4ZP16.5YD16.513.21512YD480DZP164G10.8IN-NT MRS3
5ZP20YD201618.2514.6YND485DZP164G12.8IN-NT MRS3
6ZP25YD252022.518YSD490DZP184G16IN-NT MRS3
7ZP27.5YD27.5222520Y490DZP184G18IN-NT MRS3
8ZP30YD302427.522Y495DZP184G20IN-NT MRS3
9ZP37.5YD37.5303528Y4100DZP184G25IN-NT MRS3
10ZP40YD403237.530Y4102DZP184G25IN-NT MRS3
11ZP45YD45364032Y4105DZP184G28IN-NT MRS3
12ZP50YD50404536Y4102ZDZP184G30IN-NT MRS3
13ZP55YD55445040Y4102ZLDZP224G34IN-NT MRS3
14ZP60YD60485544Y4105ZLDZP224G40IN-NT MRS3
15ZP71.5YD71.557.26552YD4EZLDZP224G45IN-NT MRS3
16ZP90YD907281.2565Y4110ZLDZP224G64IN-NT MRS3